25 Tình Khúc Guitar Không Lời Tiếng Anh Bất Tử, Hay Nhất

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Mô tả chi tiết
Hôm nay mình chia sẻ tiếp với các Bạn 25 ca khúc Hòa tấu Guitar Tiếng Anh hay nhất bạn nên nghe một lần trong đời
00:00:04 Hotel California
00:04:14 Wonderful Tonight
00:08:32 Blue Spanish Eyes
00:12:02 When The Child Is Born
00:15:51 Summer Kisses And Winter Tears
00:18:27 I Will Follow Him
00:21:52 And I Love You So
00:25:42 Begin The Biguine
00:30:33 Jambalaya
00:33:36 Crying In The Rain
00:37:28 I Can’t Stop Loving You
00:40:40 Speak Softly Love
00:44:01 Have You Ever Seen The Rain
00:46:45 25 Minutes
00:51:08 You Don’t Have To Say
00:53:44 All I Have To Do Is Dream
00:56:48 Where Do I Begin
01:00:54 500 Miles
01:04:16 Amour Amour
01:08:22 The House Of Rising Sun
01:12:12 Unbreak My Heart
01:16:22 If I Could
01:19:52 Dalinh Sago
01:24:51 Wind Of Change
01:28:57 The Breeze And I
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